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Nature’s Care

Distribute worldwide, from Australia

Behind the success of Nature’s Care is a heart-warming story that demonstrates the power of family.

In 1990 the company’s founder, Jina was worried by her father’s persistent seasonal cough that was starting to impact his overall health.

Jina began researching natural Chinese remedies to help cure her father. She soon discovered that garlic had been used for centuries to treat respiratory disorders and promote overall health.

Rather than purchasing an over-the-counter garlic supplement, Jina decided to make her own garlic remedy. She travelled across Australia and found the purest source. Jina wanted something that she knew she could trust. Only the best for her family.

The results were astonishing. Her father’s cough disappeared and his overall health dramatically improved. Jina saw for herself the immense healing benefits the highest quality natural food supplements could have to alleviate symptoms, strengthen the immune system and prevent illness and disease.

Jina realised that what was best for her father could and should be shared with all families. And with that, Nature’s Care Australia was born.

Jina and her husband Alex, alongside their committed team have since grown Nature’s Care from a small locally based business into a reputable international company.

Distributed all over the world
from our manufacturing plant
in Sydney, Australia.


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